1. You have been working at an incredible pace, releasing 3 albums in under 5 years. Anyone who has been involved in the process of writing and recording an album knows what an incredible feat that is. What challenges did you encounter while balancing your music …. http://www.kingstonist.com/2015/05/15/six-questions-kris-and-dee-34371/

We are honoured… an album review in the form of a thoughtful piece on music, life, sexuality, gender identity, commitment and happiness by Jaimie Vernon.

Thanks CBC! Yes we will be tuning into CBC Radio One 8:20am Thursday morning, hope you can join us!! Mark Rheaume has a few things to say about our new album on his music column. Excited to hear what he has to say. 🙂 xo knd

We are so honoured to be playing  the Westfest mainstage on the evening of June 13! See you in the valley friends!


London Free Press highlights for Home County 2014 ?Really honoured to be included in the Dream Finish Sunday highlights for Home County 2014 by James Reaney!