Went to @KrisandDee ’s show at the @RCAF_ARC #416 today. Wow! Amazing show and vibe from these 2 and their band. Emotional experience, truly. New album out called Browse Line KrisandDee.com Haven’t even heard it yet but they played it front to back and it was incredible.
– Paul Langlois (singer/songwriter The Tragically Hip) Twitter 2019-11-10

“From the rich opening notes of No Tattoo to the triumphant Summer Made a Rally, Kris+Dee’s new album, Browse Line, is a stunner.”
Sarah Harmer (singer/songwriter, activist)

Using their trademark harmonies, Kris+Dee explore the personal and political, reminding us they are often the same. Browse Line helps us see where we are now and where we could be going. I love the record.”
Steven Page (singer/songwriter)

“These are songs of impermanence with unforgettable melodies and lyrics that linger. These are songs of restlessness and upheaval that feature familiar elements: gentle tempos, rich harmonies, modern textures, glorious production. You may know Kris Abbott as one of Canada’s finest rock guitarists for her work in The Pursuit of Happiness, but you probably haven’t heard her play with this degree of subtlety and grace. Dee McNeil’s warm and empathetic vocals perfectly suit her storytelling style. These 10 songs are balms that provide clear-eyed comfort without settling for easy answers.”
– Michael Barclay (Author of 2018 national bestseller The Never-Ending Present: The Story of Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip)

“They’ve done it again! Browse Line is yet another exquisite and spacious collection of Kris+Dee’s durable and atmospheric post-folk dispatches, packed with lyrical poignancy, joyous harmony, and a compelling undertow of sweet melancholy.”
Paul Myers (musician, author, producer)

Gorgeous melodies and heart-tugging harmonies may be what your ears hear first, but this charming 4th from the Kingston power couple holds some powerful truths too. The songs are filled with socially-charged lyrics, taking stabs at repression big and small. From the lout who cares more about his politics than his family (“Politics Are Thicker Than Blood“) to the woman forced to settle for a reduced lot in life rather than flying free (“Settled Down“), these are songs that champion the best in people, calling out what holds us down. Plus, it’s smart and satisfying Canadiana pop all the way through.
  Bob Mersereau (Top 100 Canadiana blog)

Browse Line is at once subtle, sublime, complex and harmonious. The kind of music you want to turn up loud on a pastoral country road with your arm out the window and a dreaming mind.”
Lorraine Segato (singer/songwriter)

“In the hardest of times, or the hardness of day, this is an album you’ll reach for – to sit back, close your eyes, inflect, reflect, and believe.”
Bruce Kauffman (Poet)

“This honest, timeless album will haunt you like a guardian angel.”
– Jason Heroux (Poet Laureate, City of Kingston)