Love + Thanks

First and foremost, thank you to our producer, Aaron Holmberg (Full Frequency Productions), for the most inspiring, relaxed and fun journey possible. Dinner breaks beside the fire, tequila then coffee or vice versa, and slippers that don’t match your socks (no judgment). The months between January pre-production and August final mastering were inspiring and ridiculously fun. Since we moved to Kingston you have been part of every single recording we have ever done in some way or another and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You fit us like our favourite sweatshirt xo. We are as happy with the end result as we are with the road there. Love you Aaron. And Meghan too. Thank you.

Tied for first, thank you and big love to Janice McLean – graphic designer, photographer and videographer extraordinaire. You too have been with us since the beginning, designing every album cover and almost every poster and video we have ever done. We will never forget the day when we gave you the album title ‘Browse Line’ and a half baked vision and you came up with a cover that we absolutely love on the first try! We love you and we’re so grateful for your support, all the listens and encouraging words along the way and all the late night conversations we share about music and life.

Big love and gratitude to our Guardian Angel Artistic Directors, Elaina Martin (Westfest) and Darin Addison (Home County Music & Art Festival) for your enthusiastic support and the opportunity for several years to be a part of the classiest, most well-run celebrations of music, diversity and inclusivity we could ever hope to experience. You gave us memories we will always cherish.

To our incredible live band of phenomenal musicians and top shelf people – Sticky Henderson, Duncan Holt and Van Sheen – performing with you is as easy as breathing and it’s so much fun. The way you get our music and put your own magic and spirit into it is an honour and a thrill to hear and experience. 

To Kris’ sister in harmony Renee Suchy – thank you for your support, for taking your earbuds to listen to our tunes on the plane, for your kind words and for being a really wonderful and talented person. Your support means the world to us. xo

To Sandy Abbott – thank you for hosting so many memorable house concerts and introducing us to the most generous, interesting and eccentric people in The County (and for hosting the wildest after parties!)

To Sandy Mowat for your kindness and support through the years and for going out of your way to just be a truly and genuinely nice person.

To our East Coast posse – Mike Campbell (The Carleton, HUFF), Meghan Scott, Kirk Lahey, Bob Mersereau, Allen Leadley and Ken Kelley for your kind words, support and incredible hospitality in hosting us for two Maritime tours. Your thoughtfulness is so deeply appreciated, as are the after hours hangs at the one and only Tiki Lounge.

To Joanne and Paul Langlois – thank you for your friendship, support and generosity through the years, from the days of The Lakeview Manor to the present. We can’t thank you enough for having the gift of time at your cottage for a writing retreat last summer – it was the kick start to this album.

To Zoe Yanovsky and Greg Ball – thank you for your friendship and generosity, and for countless opportunities to play our music throughout Kingston. Thank you for always inviting us to your January 1st celebrations and to take part in that infamous living room guitar circle that breaks out every year. 

To Jeff Rogers (Media Goes Here; Handsome Boy Records) – thank you for your willingness always to take a phone call, take a question, and share your ideas and wisdom with us. Truly grateful.

To Anna Rees, Mauro Sepe and Joe Brady (RIP) – thank you for recording early versions of a few of these songs with us. Our admiration for your talent is matched only by our gratitude for your spirit and generosity. We feel lucky that we will live together forever on these recordings as well as those on Still Here Inside and Bloom. 

To Sarah Harmer, Steven Page, Michael Barclay, Paul Myers, Bob Mersereau, Lorraine Segato, Jason Heroux and Bruce Kauffman – thank you for your kindness and generosity in being the first ones to hear our album and for penning your poetic and enthusiastic words of endorsement. It’s humbling to have you in our corner. Right back at all of you. 

To Zane Whitfield, Dave Dysart, Matt Rogalsky, Jim Bryson, Jim Tidman and Megan Hamilton – thank you for generously sharing gear, advice, words of encouragement or a glass of wine or two. We feel incredibly lucky for our connection, and proud to call you our music pals.

To Jim Barber – thank you for the beautiful words you have written about us over the years and for always finding the questions that need to be asked. Thanks for getting us and for keeping us on your radar even when we’ve retreated to Walden for a few years to work on the next one.

To Tracy C. Read – thank you for your editorial skills and for always advocating to write the right way – even when we don’t take your advice (The Cloth From Which I’m Cut?? … Oh. It’s You??) Thanks for letting us keep Janice out way too late whenever a deadline is looming.

To Kelly Symes and the Festival of Small Halls crew and volunteers – thank you for a memorable experience in Sydenham. You’re a class act and we’re cheering you on as you bring music back to the people in proud and humble places full of spirit and beautiful energy.

To Cyndy Gibson, Bill Welychka, Ange Stever, Chris Morris and Peter Hendra – thank you for your friendship through the years and for always making time to chat about our latest project. 

To CBC, CFRC, CHRW, CKCU, CJAI and County FM for the spins and station visits through the years. It’s always inspiring to meet the people who make your stations tick. We love what you do and why you do it. 

To Dee’s mom, Denise McNeil – thank you for your unconditional love and support and for how much you love Kris. It’s the best feeling in the world that I can do no wrong in your eyes. To Kris’ sister Karen and husband John – thank you for loving us and for being so incredibly supportive over the years. Harmony in the Hills is still one of the best show memories ever.

To our oldest and best friends in the world – Avital Lugassy and Katie Perri – thank you for being a part of this journey with us, for the listens and feedback along the way, for your fierce loyalty and love and for all the laughs and memories we have made together. We love you all deeply.

And last but not least – to each and every one of you who listens to and enjoys our music, who comes to see us play, who shares a word or story to let us know we are understood and gotten and that our music means something – thank you from the bottom of our hearts – you’re why we do this.

Kris and Dee
Kingston, ON
October 1, 2019