Kris and Dee are Kingston, Ontario folk-pop duo Kris Abbott (The Pursuit of Happiness) and Dee McNeil (The Strap Ons).

Bloom (2013) is their second album which is produced by Abbott and features guests Colin Cripps, Tim Welch, Ron Hawkins, Al Cross, Trevor Henderson, Wil McGonegal and Mauro Sepe.

Their debut album Still Here Inside (2011) gained the pair international recognition when it was selected for the Starbucks Worldwide Playlist. They are being discovered in Canada as well, having been chosen with Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams and David Bowie as one of the Top Artists of 2012 by Ottawa’s CKCU FM.

With a contemporary take on a traditional folk sound, Dee weaves poetic melodies through Kris’s pop hooks and lush, chill grooves. Music journalist Paul Myers writes, “The soundscape Kris paints under Dee’s intimate vocalizations evokes time spent out of the machine. The lyrics speak to reality and the harshness of existence while the music is defiantly dignified in the face of it.”

They met in 2003 when Kris joined The Strap-Ons, an alt-folk group in which Dee played bass. The connection was instant and progressed from a musical relationship to a personal one. They were married in 2005 and have been writing and performing as a duo since 2007.

Bloom is the result of time spent out of the machine and being near water. The ten tracks were written at a 200-year-old salt box house on the coast of Newfoundland, as well as on the shores of Lake Ontario, at their Kingston home and at a favourite get-away in Prince Edward County.

The songs have a wide emotional and musical range that is a testament to lives truly experienced and a personal and musical connection that is honest and enduring. Songs like Making Ends Meet, Newfoundland, Enemy and Wide Winter are both deeply personal and remarkably universal – earnestly portraying the Canadian psyche and human condition, while at the same time healing them a little too.

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